Boar Bristle Inc

Boar Bristle Round Hair Brush Nylon Pins


Natural boar and heat resistant nylon pins, to ensure smooth, frizz-free blowouts. This brush also smooth down each hair shaft and reduces static for healthy-looking ends and a shiny, glossy finish every time

Is a Anti-static and high temperature resistance, designed to pick up and hold just the right amount of hair during blow dry and styling. it heats up to reduce drying time and protect the hair.

Ideal for giving a wavy blow-dry to medium to long hair, this medium-sized diameter round brush easily straightens thick and curly hair. It can also be used to give shape to straight hair. The supple bristles provide a better hold on the hair for easy drying. Any hair types to have a shinier and softer. 

Size: 23cm 12.5 cm 

How to Use:

  • For More Volume: On the top of the head, roll up, position, brush backwards and dry. Pro tip: dry the roots first.
  • Protect Length: Leave 1 to 2 cms of space between the hair dryer and the hair.
  • Protect the Ends: Only roll up the brush if the ends fit comfortably into the brush.

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