Baudelaire Soaps

Baudelaire Beechwood Bath Brush


Pairing traditional Japanese rituals with modern-day sensibility, these elegant beechwood brushes help to cleanse both body and soul. The ergonomic design in elegant beechwood means comfort and durability in each stroke. Natural horsehair bristles ensure skin stays soft and renewed as part of your self-care routine.


Each brush comes individually packaged in a sophisticated gift box.

Product Details

Imagine yourself soaking in a natural spring in the hills of Japan. The steam rising up from the water and dissipating in the cool air - the perfect metaphor for your fading stress. Made from elegant beechwood, this 14” bath brush stimulates the regeneration of skin cells.

Designed for beauty and longevity, these timeless brushes are the perfect addition to any bath or shower

Exfoliation Profile



Stimulates healthy circulation

Removes top layer of dead skin cells

Opens pores to air, moisture, and nourishment

Leaves a bright and healthy glow

 Size: 14"

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