KITSCH Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller


Rose Quartz Facial Rollers have a long list of beauty benefits! This beautiful gemstone roller is used as a gentle way to massage tension and relieve stress from our facial area, help in reducing fine lines, assist with better circulation, and help massage in facial products or essential oils. They are a must have for all beauty gurus!

How to use: Facial rollers are mini rollers that you use on your face that are usually made from jade, rose quartz or another type of crystal. They're crystal healing – for the face. It's best to use them after you've cleansed and before you apply moisturiser.

It can be used once or twice a day; in your morning or evening routine, or you may do both. A good 5-minute use can instantly bring results, but it's safe to say that 10 minutes of rolling each time is enough.

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