Jada Stone Facial Skin Tool Massager


Enhance your skincare routine with this facial massaging tool which is a modern take on an ancient beauty ritual, this Jade Stone Sculpty tool helps to contour the face, leading to a more youthful, radiant complexion.


How to Use Your Jade Facial Massager:

  • First, prep your face with a CLEANSER to wash away the day’s (or night’s) dirt and bacteria.
  • Next, apply your favorite FACIAL OIL or MOISTURIZER to your face.  You want something with staying power here so that your gua sha glides along your skin.
  • Take your Jade stone and start at the base of your neck and using a light scraping motion, work your way up to your jawline.
  • Scrape up, towards your forehead, going over your jawline, chin, and mouth.
  • Scrape across your checks and press under the eyes and across your eyebrows.

Each product is hand made from natural stone so there will be color variations & minor size differences.

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