Oway Hmelt Mysterious Purple (50ml)


Mysterious Purple is one of nine shades in our Oway Hmelt Color Series: a luxurious collection of hair color pigment concentrates ideal for intensifying, revitalizing and rebalancing hair color. 

Crafted with an exclusive blend of Fair Trade phyto-pigments, Organic Mullein and Biodynamic Curly Dock, Hmelt can be used to create vivid fashion colors, enhance natural tones or neutralize undesirable reflects. It's even compatible with Oway Hcolor and Hnectar formulas.

MYSTERIOUS PURPLE COLOR: The color of mystery and mystique, purple stimulates creativity and intuition leading to new elements of inspiration and self-discovery. Deeper shades suggest regal elegance and influence, while lighter tones communicate empathy and balance. 

How to Use 

To Create Fashion Colors or Revitalize, Enhance or Refine Cosmetic or Natural Hair Color: For every 40g of Oway Hmilk No Stress, add 20 Hmelt drops. To enhance color intensity, increase the number of drops to customize your tone. For pastel results, apply on pre-lightened hair. What appears in the color bowl mixture is exactly what will reflect on the hair.* Be sure to take the remaining pigment in hair color into consideration when formulating.


To Enhance Shine, Tone and Vivid Reflects in Oway Color Formulas:

 For Hcolor: Add 10 Hmelt drops for every 60g of Hcolor + 90g of desired developer.

 For Hnectar: Add 10 Hmelt drops for every 60g of Hnectar + 60g of desired developer.

 For Re-pigmentation or Pre-filling of hair: Apply Hmelt directly to hair prior to coloring with Hcolor or Hnectar. Hmelt can also be applied with Oway Hmilk No Stress as a pre-fill option to help stability hair color prior to Hcolor or Hnectar applications.

 To Assist in Neutralizing Unwanted Tones (Anti-Yellow): Add up to 20 drops of Hmelt Mysterious Purple to Hmilk No Stress or Desired Hair Mask/Hair Bath


Tone Enhancement: crafted with an exclusive collection of Fair Trade phyto-pigments for enhancing or refining natural hair colors or creating bold, fashion tones.

 - Radiance + Vibrancy: nourishing formula delivers long-lasting luminosity and shine.

 - Resilience + Strength: vitamin-rich botanicals remineralize and restore the hair fiber to enhance color pigment delivery and saturation.

 -Ethical + Effective: made with biodynamic-organically grown seeds and plants hand-picked during their balsamic period to ensure maximum benefits and effectiveness.

 - Pure + Sustainable: infinitely recyclable amber glass packaging protects product purity and ingredient integrity.

 - Versatile + Customizable: can be be applied directly, pastelized with Oway Hmilk No Stress or added to Oway Hcolor and Hnectar Formulas.

 - Business Wellness: each luxurious liquid pigment offers an average of 50 color applications per bottle.

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