Oway Silk'n Glow Hair Mask


Oway Silk'n Glow Hair Mask infuses dry, damaged hair with a silkening blend of Biodynamic Oat Extract, Organic Cupuaçu Butter, and Brazil Nut. This synergy of deeply nourishing botanicals calms frizz and reveals shiny, lustrous hair.

Offering a signature scent with a warm, enchanting aroma made with only pure, steam-distilled essential oils.

How to use: After washing hair with your selected Oway Hair Bath, apply to wet hair. Leave on for 3-5 minutes. Rinse.


-Infuses hair with softness and shine

-Smoothes and eliminates unruly frizz and tangles

-Calms and seals cuticle scales for instantly silky strands

-Packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum to protect ingredient integrity

-Cruelty Free & Vegan

Key Ingredients:

-Biodynamic Oat Extract has a strengthening and restructuring effect on dry, damaged tresses.

-Organic Cupuaçu Butter nourishes and enriches the hair fiber with long-lasting moisture and shine.

-Ethical Brazil Nut Oil is rich in Vitamins A and B, which perform an anti-frizzing action on the hair.

-Vanilla Fruit Oil is made from the pressed fruit of the vanilla orchid, providing moisturizing and aromatherapeutic properties.

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